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uchi, HOME (2023)

uchi (2023) explores how a home’s location/space, material objects within the household and relationships with people can shape and transform our identity. The work had a public work-in-progress showing at the Beaumont Studios in April 2023 and will launch an interactive website of the work in February 2024. uchi uses movement, video projection, text, sound, lighting and a wooden set that resembles a house to inquire into the multiple meanings of a domestic space.

Produced by Clala Project (Charlotte Telfer-Wan, Sam Mason, Tomoyo Yamada)

Choreographer; Tomoyo Yamada in collaboration with performers
Performers; Charlotte Telfer-Wan, Shion Skye Carter, Anya Graham, Kevin Soo-Locsin
Projection Designer; Sam Mason
Sound Designer; Nicole Halim
Lighting Designer; Christian Ching
Dramaturgy; Brian Postalian
Rehearsal director; Charlotte Telfer-Wan
Videography; Sam Mason, Emily Bayrock
Mentor; Hiromoto Ida
Photographer; Lula-Belle Jedynak

This project was made possible by the Canada Council for the Arts' Digital Now Grant and The Scotiabank Dance Centre's DanceLab.

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