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Emergency!! (2013)

Emergency!! is a live comical contemporary dance piece that will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions. We’ve all been there- tunnel vision straight to the bathroom only to find someone taking their time while a line holds you hostage. Clala Project has created a painfully relatable comedic and contemporary dance piece as four performers take you through dreams, memories, and hallucinations of their anxious experiences in public bathrooms. Originally choreographed and performed in 2013, this work has been recreated and shown in Japan and Canada multiple times.

Choreographer; Tomoyo Yamada
Performers; Japanese cast; Yuki Cho, Moe Yokouchi, Akiyo Kubota, Tomoyo Yamada
Canadian cast; Charlotte Telfer-Wan, Kestrel Paton, Jen Aoki, Tomoyo Yamada
Sound designer; Julian Telfer-Wan
Mentor; Naoko Murakoshi
Photographer; Kirk Chantraine (The Snipe News)

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