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Stuck in 2020, HOME (2020)

Stuck in 2020 (2020, short video) is our first work of project H O M E, a series of multidisciplinary contemporary dance works which reflect on complex cultural identities of artists residing amidst a multitude of cultures. The short film investigated the restraints, limitations and physical possibilities of dancers stuck in a literal box, which was a heightened exploration of how the pandemic and stay-at-home orders have affected our society and changed how we perceive domestic spaces.

Director; Tomoyo Yamada
Producers; Ana Daria Vieru, Charlotte Telfer-Wan

Choreographer; Tomoyo Yamada in collaboration with dancers
Performers; Athena Lewis, Charlotte Telfer-Wan, Kestrel Paton, Jen Aoki
Dramaturg; Ana Daria Vieru
Videographer; Sam Mason
Video Editor; Charlotte Telfer-Wan
Set designer; Troy Mclellan
Photographer; Sam Mason

This work was made possible by the Canada Council of the Art's Digital Original Grant.

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