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uchi, HOME (2024)

In collaboration with Montreal-based artist Joey Zaurrini, we have created an interactive website of uchi.

Using text, images, video, snippets of popular film, dance, and sound from the original live-performance of uchi, Joey has reimagined and recreated our HOME project. 

Experience the work from this link (this link will open a new window). 

About Joey Zaurrini

Joey is a Montreal-based composer, sound artist and designer who routinely incorporates drawings and painting into my work. He completed an undergrad in Electroacoustic Studies at Concordia University, and a Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies at Simon Fraser University. Joey is the recipient of the R. Murray Soundscape Award and have also received a Canada Graduate Scholarship and Michael Smith award for his research in sound studies. 

Scene 2 Architecture of Home.png
Scene 3 Cooking (just the stove).png
Scene 1 Imagination of Solitude.png
Scene 3 Doors and pipes.png
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