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The Hug Project (in creation)

The Hug Project is a series of full-length performances inspired by an embrace between the choreographer and a war veteran. This experience led to a poem. The poem takes root in the choreographer’s research into intergenerational trauma, aftermath of war and conflicts, and the feeling of guilt inspired primarily by the aforementioned encounter with a war veteran from a historically belligerent enemy.

Produced by; Clala Project

Choreographer; Tomoyo Yamada in collaboration with performers
Performers; Charlotte Telfer-Wan, Howard Dai, Samantha Krystal, Natasha Dennison, Indigo Porebska-Smith, Tomoyo Yamada
Sound designers; Cindy Kao, Aysha Dulong (Sapphire Haze)
Projection design; Sam Mason
Overhead Projection; Jen Aoki
Rehearsal director; Charlotte Telfer-Wan
Mentor; Kay Barnes

This project is supported by Canada Council of the Arts, Deer Lake Residency, Foray Residency at Cultural Space Morrow, and Dance West Network.

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