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Friday Dinner (2020)

Friday Dinner is a dance performance focused on different modes of human movement. The work is a choreographic compilation of everyday gestural movements and those found in codified dance forms. Using videotaped footage of dancers enjoying dinner, exchanging casual conversations and sharing childhood memories, we will extract natural gestural movements from the dancer’s bodies. These idiosyncratic gestures will then be layered with dynamic, refined, and established dance movements often found in dance institutions and academia. Heavily relying on recorded dinner settings and interviews, the work unravels a complexity of movements, highlighting the aesthetics of both trained and natural human movements and offers potential hybrids between these forms for contemporary performance.

Choreographer; Tomoyo Yamada in collaboration with performers
Performers; Anja Graham, Charlotte Telfer-Wan, Kevin Soo-Locsin, Shion Skye Carter, Brian Postalian
Sound designer; Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi
Lighting designers; Hans Hsieh, Claudia Chan
Videographers; Sam Mason, Bianca Cheung
Costume designer; Meagan Woods
Mentors; Rob Kitsos, Judith Garay
Photographer; Sam Mason

This work was made possible by Simon Fraser University, School for the Contemporary Arts.

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